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Im Jahr 1963 hat Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche mit dem 911 eines der bedeutendsten Designobjekte der Zeitgeschichte geschaffen. Mit seiner Vision, die Prinzipien und den Mythos Porsche über die Grenzen des Automobils hinaus zu tragen, hat er 1972 die exklusive Lifestyle-Marke Porsche Design gegründet. Seine Philosophie und seine Designsprache lebt bis heute in jedem Porsche Design Produkt weiter. Jedes Porsche Design Produkt steht für außergewöhnliche Präzision und Perfektion auf einem hohen technologischen Innovationslevel und eine einzigartige Symbiose aus intelligenter Funktionen und puristischem Design. Zu den Pressemitteilungen

Exklusive Lifestyle-Marke

Porsche Design

Porsche Design ist die exklusive Lifestyle-Marke, die im Bereich Accessoires, Sportswear und Fashion für eine einzigartige Symbiose aus puristischem Design und außergewöhnlicher Funktion steht – der Lebensbegleiter für Individualisten Zu den Pressemitteilungen

Kollektion für Fahrer und Fans von Porsche

Porsche Driver’s Selection

Porsche Driver’s Selection bietet eine fahrzeugbezogene Produktpalette für Porsche Fahrer und Fans. Unter anderem umfasst die Kollektion Modellautos, Lifestyle-Accessoires und speziell für Porsche Autos entwickeltes Gepäck. Zu den Pressemitteilungen

Premium Design Services

Studio F. A. Porsche

Das Design Studio von Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche bildet den Ursprung der exklusive Lifestyle-Marke Porsche Design. Zu den Pressemitteilungen

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Soziale Medien

Don’t let the flashing lights and colorful holiday décor overwhelm you. Enjoy the subtleties of form and function and purist design with #PorscheDesignAccessories: Cufflinks, CardholderBag, Wallet, or Keyring. #SeasonOfGifts
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Hearing is believing: treat yourself with the #PorscheDesign #GravityOne for a touch of luxury this season. With its timeless design, and solid construction, you’ll start the festivities with a bang. #SeasonOfGifts
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Silent night? Not quite yet. Celebrate the season with #PorscheDesignSound products – like the #SpaceOneWireless noise-cancelling headphones – to delight in all your favorite holiday hits. #PorscheDesign #SeasonOfGifts
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How could spending time be any more enjoyable than by giving every second a touch of perfection? Surprise your special one with an exclusive #PorscheDesignTimepiece. #SeasonOfGifts
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Time to make a wish! An outfit is never complete without the perfect shoes. The #PorscheDesign #ChealseaBoot finishes your look with a modern spin on a classic style. #SeasonOfGifts
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Let it snow! Enjoy the festive season with the ultra-light companion for cooler days: The #PorscheDesign #CoyoteParka is wind-resistant, as well as water-repellent. #SeasonOfGifts
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Sporty elegance. Inside and out. The new #PorscheDesign #HuaweiMate20RS combines modern technology with exceptional design. In short: high performance on the optimum line. #SeasonOfGifts
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Whether it’s a thank you gift, a sign of friendship or to spread joy – at #PorscheDesign you will find a variety of gift ideas that will last a lifetime. #SeasonOfGifts
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The #SeasonOfGifts. The perfect time to surprise that special someone in your life with an exclusive present. #PorscheDesign
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The 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine Limited Edition makes the legacy of the 911 – the #Porsche legend – a topic of discussion. The case is made of titanium. The black dial with white needles and indices is derived from the displays in the dash of the car, which ensure optimum legibility. The strap is made of original Porsche interior leather. The silhouette of the 911 on the dial conveys its origins at a glance. The #TimelessMachine logo refers to both the #NewPorsche911 and the limited quantity of 911 pieces, highlighting the exclusivity of this special edition. #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignTimepieces #PorscheDesign911Chronograph
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The #NewPorsche911: fascination is perfected. Form follows function. With a longer, flatter hood, steep windscreen, and gently rearward-sloping roof line, the unmistakable silhouette of the 911 tells a tale of speed – even while motionless. The 911 has become a dynamic generational staple in a world, where change is the greatest constant. It has become the #TimelessMachine and the inspiration for another style icon: the 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine Limited Edition. #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignTimepieces #PorscheDesign911Chronograph
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The Timeless 911. Unmistakable. Powerful. An inspirational icon since 1963. Now in its eighth generation, the latest generation of this legend will soon be a reality. Just in time for the launch of the new sports car legend, we honor the #NewPorsche911 with an exclusive limited edition watch. Want to know more? #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignTimepieces #PorscheDesign911Chronograph #TimelessMachine
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With the #PorscheDesign #CarbonSeries, the high-performance properties of the material have been utilized in an original way. The models feature a restrained design in anthracite and black and are made from lightweight, textured carbon-fibre fabric and the finest nappa leather.
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Carbon has become an essential material in the world of sports car manufacturing and is increasingly being featured in accessories from #PorscheDesign. The use of real carbon fibres makes the deluxe #CarbonWeekender bag extremely robust and durable. #PorscheDesignBags
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When the time for a well-earned evening off comes, swap the suit for a sportier look and choose the #PorscheDesign Quilted Mix Leather Jacket. Made from the finest Italian lamb nappa leather and nylon elements, it guarantees the right kind of attention. #PorscheDesignFashion
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