Porsche Design Unveils New Shisha 2.1 Black

A Unique Take on a True Classic – Now in Deep Black

Porsche Design reimagines the iconic Shisha 2.1 with a brand-new special edition in black. The Shisha 2.1 Black visually captivates with its high-end mix of materials and inimitable silhouette. The base, valve, riser, windscreen, mouthpiece, and handle are all made of black anodized-aluminum – underscoring the distinct, minimalist design.

Delivering an exceptional user experience every time, Shisha 2.1 Black‘s shape, volume-improved tobacco head, and optimal windscreen fit all convey iconic, Porsche Design style. Details in black anodized-aluminum paired with a massive, hand blown, dark glass vase ensure an elevated look of the 73-centimeter-high water pipe. Both a hand-worked leather hose and tobacco head, made of heat-resistant ceramic, enhance the high-quality workmanship featured throughout.

The Shisha 2.1 Black is available worldwide as of September 1, 2019 in select Porsche Design stores and online at for $1,900 / 1.650 EUR.


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