04-27-2022 Stuttgart, Germany

Porsche Design presents the Chronograph 1– All Black Numbered Edition

Chronograph 1. Born in 1972. Redefined in 2022

With the Chronograph 1 – All Black Numbered Edition, Porsche Design is
bringing the next generation of the legendary 1972 classic back to the market. Based on the
design of the Chronograph 1 – 1972 Limited Edition, of which 500 pieces were originally
produced and sold, and which was released in January 2022 to celebrate Porsche Design’s 50th
anniversary, the new Chronograph 1 – All Black Numbered Edition features numerous upgraded
details. The inimitable design of the original wristwatch has retained its legendary status. But
the time has come to write a new chapter in the history of the Chronograph I. Starting in
November, this exclusive timepiece will be released as a limited series, with a maximum of
1,000 timepieces produced per year worldwide. The sequential numbering on the back of the
housing makes each piece truly one of a kind. Manufactured at Porsche Design Timepieces AG,
the in-house watch-making facility in Solothurn, Switzerland, the Chronograph 1 – All Black
Numbered Edition pays further tribute to the iconic original and will continue to exude the
essence of Porsche Design long after the anniversary year is over.


Rebirth of an icon.

The Chronograph 1—All Black Numbered Edition is reminiscent of the pure design of the
completely black timepiece from 1972. In similar fashion to its revolutionary predecessor, the
Chronograph 1 — All Black Numbered Edition impresses with its matte-black dial. It was the
first time F. A. Porsche had succeeded in transferring his idea of the design, aesthetics, and functionality of a sports car to a watch. The easily readable dial behind anti-reflective glass was
inspired by the dashboard in the cockpit of the Porsche 911. The crown and wristband feature
the current Porsche Design logo. On the back, the sapphire-crystal case back reveals the
Porsche Design icon of the winding rotor. The double-sided, seven-layer anti-reflective and
scratch-resistant sapphire-crystal glass with its hardened coating ensures optimal readability,
no matter what time of day it is. The tachymeter and the day/date display use the current
Porsche font. Last but not least, the minute hand captures the tapered design once optimized
by F. A. Porsche. The ‘All Black’ wristwatch is powered by a mechanical, COSC-certified WERK
01.140 chronometer for maximum precision. Details such as the all-black coated titanium
detachable wristband with minutely adjustable folding clasp breathe new life into this historic
classic: a unique and timeless precision instrument that carries the Porsche Design DNA
through and through — today as much as in the past.


The factory in Solothurn — horology that sets its own standards.

Like all chronographs manufactured by Porsche Design, this wristwatch is made by hand with a
keen eye for detail. Porsche Design has had its own exclusive manufacturing company in the
Swiss town of Solothurn since 2014: Porsche Design Timepieces AG. With that step, the
exclusive lifestyle brand heralded a new kind of timekeeping. Because the company in Solothurn
is young, quality timepieces have been part of the Porsche Design DNA since time immemorial.
True to the belief that “good design grows from the inside out”, as held by company founder F.
A. Porsche, watchmakers and engineers work side by side in Solothurn, combining design
expertise and intelligent production excellence at the highest level. In close cooperation with
the engineers at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, Germany, technical
masterpieces are created in this way. Masterpieces that give each second a whole new value and carry over Porsche’s high-quality standards to these “sports cars for the wrist”. The
timepieces are therefore manufactured according to the sustainable made-to-order principle,
catering to individual customer wishes. After an order is placed, each individual watch is
completely assembled piece by piece by the watchmaker from the specially developed
components in the ‘flowbox’. The similarities with production processes in sports car
manufacturing are extensive. This special approach to sequential manufacturing, which is also
used in Porsche production, is particularly beneficial for the efficient production of exclusive
small batches and limited editions of watches with a high degree of individualization. The
interplay of meticulousness, exclusivity, and precision creates the individual character that
makes Porsche Design chronographs such exceptional companions.

The Chronograph — All Black Numbered Edition can now be pre-ordered online at as well as in
Porsche Design Stores and from selected watch retailers for €8,950.

Further information and film and photo material is available from the Porsche Newsroom:


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