01-28-2020 Stuttgart

Porsche Design Presents Its New Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Collection

Electrifying and Exclusive: Statement Styles for Trend-Setting High-Achievers

“Digital nomads” are the kind of people you only run into when they are on their way to the gym between a meeting and a call. The New Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Collection from Porsche Design perfectly expresses the ambitious, active lifestyle enjoyed by these urban high-achievers.

The looks in the new collection are unique yet smart – just like the men who wear them. They are not satisfied with the average – they only set the highest standards for themselves. Exclusive materials, innovative technologies, highly functional de-tails and the unmistakably clean style of Porsche Design characterize can be seen in the entire collection, from the colored shoe sole to the detachable collar.

Like digital nomads, the collection focuses on mobility, individuality, and state-of-the-art technology. This enterprising mindset is reflected not only in the progres-sive, flexible style, but also in the materials chosen. The collection integrates sus-tainable solutions such as recycled ECO nylon, alternatives to down-feather pad-ding, and chrome-free leather.

The sports car references throughout the new collection create the unmistakable style of Porsche Design, including details inspired by motorsport, such as the stitching and tire track textures, patterns borrowed from the automotive industry, such as the hexagon structure of titanium, and elements made from original Por-sche seat belt material – one of the brand’s signature details.

Worn with Attitude.
In addition to natural and technically refined materials, the collection features soft leather and textured knitwear. Unique patterns, clean graphical stitching, and me-tallic-effect surfaces create outfits packed with energy and character. The expres-sive Neon Mint, a shade that perfectly unites futuristic technology and nature, pro-vides a vibrant contrast to the basic hues of Asphalt, Black, White, Navy and Grey. Versatile pieces such as the Porsche Design 2-in-1 Leather Hybrid Jacket with re-movable sleeves or the Porsche Design Hybrid Electrified Blazer with padded ny-lon insert perfectly transfer the Porsche Design philosophy to modern life.

The “Digital Nomads” collection is completed by basics in high-quality materials plus shoes, accessories, and leather goods in perfectly coordinated colors and designs. All pieces will be available worldwide in Porsche Design Stores and online at starting January 2020.


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