05-03-2022 Stuttgart, Germany

Porsche Design Presents New, Premium Soundbar PDB90

Epic Sound Meets Functional Design

Porsche Design has unveiled its new, premium soundbar PDB90 with a minimalist, functional design. With its 16 drivers, including an integrated subwoofer, the latest product in the exclusive designer brand’s audio category brings outstanding sound quality and thrilling entertainment into any space. Consumer electronics play a particularly key role in home comfort, which is now valued more than ever before. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite tunes or watching exciting movies and shows, the PDB90’s 5.1.2 channels and high-resolution Dolby Atmos format deliver a rich, deep and crisp sound for full immersion. The upward facing speakers can be adjusted by 20 degrees to increase acoustic coverage and create full surround sound and an exhilarating home theater experience. The functional design provides an incomparable 3D sound experience in your home.



Always at the Heart of the Action

The Porsche Design PDB90 soundbar offers four preconfigured modes – movie, music, voice and sports – and therefore an acoustic architecture that’s perfectly tailored to a variety of audio and video content. Podcast fans will enjoy crystal-clear dialogue in voice mode, while cinema enthusiasts will appreciate the feeling of spaceships flying directly overhead, sports cars speeding past, and people walking through the room in movie mode. The sports and music settings, on the other hand, will make fans feel like they are in the stadium or at the concert themselves. Thus, The Porsche Design Soundbar PDB90 brings unique moments to your living room.



Depth, Clarity and Detail

The PDB90 allows you to stream a whole host of content with its simple compatibility and common surround sound formats. The high-speed HDMI eARC connection can recreate the full effect of modern audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for an authentic concert and streaming experience, with impressive base and detailed acoustics. The soundbar also boasts an innovative, adjustable sound stage design, for which a patent is pending. The front speakers are equipped with mid-range drivers and tweeters, which are referred to as MTMT components. As a result, the system can be configured in MTM mode for high-fidelity sound or in TMM mode, which guarantees powerful acoustics and a wider sound stage for movies.



High Performance Meets Understated Design

The size of the soundbar is a reflection of its outstanding performance, while the understated, functional design featuring a fabric cover and polished aluminum inlay with Porsche Design logo enhances any room. The clear, angular lines are a perfect fit for modern interiors, whether free-standing for a near-floating effect, or mounted on the wall. The PDB90 comes with wall brackets as well as an HDMI cable and can be operated using the provided remote control. The most important functions such as on/off and volume control can also be intuitively activated via touch buttons on the side of the soundbar. The control elements and display integrate organically under the fabric cover. The exclusive, timeless design and incomparable sound make the soundbar an absolute must-have for all discerning design and audio enthusiasts.

The Porsche Design PDB90 soundbar is now available at Porsche Design stores, in specialized retailers, online at and, as well as in select online shops at a price of €999 (RRP).


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