07-28-2022 Stuttgart, Germany

Porsche Design Unveils New Conference Speaker PDS30

Functional Design That Provides Optimal User Experience at Work and During Leisure Time

Porsche Design has unveiled a new conference speaker. The Porsche
Design Conference Speaker PDS30 is a smart multifunctional device that combines high-quality sound with a functional design that allows for an intuitive switch between calls and
music playback, meeting all business and leisure needs. Today, ever more people are working
from home and employees are based in different locations around the globe, creating the need
to connect teams digitally. The hybrid speaker is an essential complement to Porsche Design’s
growing audio portfolio while exhibiting the brand’s DNA of high-performance, functional
design and premium materials.



Hybrid functionality meets exclusive appearance

At first sight, the divide between the upper and lower housing is noticeable. It allows for the
speaker’s hybrid functionality. To activate the conference mode, the two layers are turned in
opposite directions, opening the speaker and exposing the underlying microphones. Four
independent microphones ensure 360-degree coverage over a distance of three meters,
ensuring everyone in the meeting is heard clearly. When the device is closed, the PDS30
functions as a Bluetooth® 5.2 speaker at home or on the road to stream any audio content like
music and podcasts in high quality. With its overall round, disc-like shape and its combination
of satin anodized aluminum and grey fabric cover, the speaker is an exclusive addition to any
setting from conference room to living room. All controls are hidden underneath the fabric to ensure a purist design in both modes. The engraved Porsche Design logo on top makes a
distinguished brand image.



Optimal connectivity and convenience

The touch control buttons on the top of the device allow for easy navigation and operate
multiple functions, such as volume change, play/pause (when in speaker mode) as well as
accepting, rejecting, ending and muting calls (when in conference mode). Optimal connectivity
is key with this simple-to-use conference speaker. A USB-C dongle allows the device to quickly
connect to a notebook. The dongle is stored in an easily accessible compartment – like a
sportscar in a parking garage – on the bottom of the speaker. Users may also connect any
Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop to conduct meetings from anywhere.
Additionally, the PDS30 is compatible with any smartphone assistant. Furthermore, two
PDS30s can be paired via Bluetooth® to create a broader, fuller audio experience and even
better conference call quality. Portability makes this conference speaker ultra-convenient. A
slim, light carry case is included to safely store the speaker, with charging cable and adapter
(USB-C to USB-A) underneath it. The case is made of high-quality protein leather, durable
fabric on the inside and a rubber zipper. Slip it into your bag and you are ready to go. The PDS30
provides up to 12 hours of battery life and is charged via a USB-C port, taking about 3 hours to
reach a full charge.


The Porsche Design Conference Speaker PDS30 is now available in Porsche Design stores,
specialist retailers, and online at, as well as from selected online
shops, at an RRP of €329


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