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Porsche Design presents an exclusive new watch to accompany the Porsche 911 Sport Classic


The design flair of the 1960s and early 1970s is being revived in the latest hand-crafted, powerful, limited-edition series from Porsche: Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur pays tribute to this part of the sports car manufacturer’s history with the 911 Sport Classic. This is a vehicle designed to get pulses racing everywhere, not just among Porsche fans and classic car lovers. Porsche Design is releasing the Chronograph 911 Sport Classic to coincide with the
launch of this unique car. It brings the spirit of the 1960s to the wrists of drivers of the vehicle
– only 911 Sport Classic owners will have access to the new watch. Intricate details inspired by
the new limited-edition Porsche model make this watch an eye-catching statement piece and a
true ‘sports car for the wrist’ – in line with the Porsche Design philosophy.


The spirit of the Sixties meets today’s performance standards

Like its four-wheeled counterpart, the new Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Sport Classic
impresses with its sporty design, consistent precision and high-quality workmanship. The two-tone watch housing made of lightweight, durable titanium – finished in natural titanium or black–is the centerpiece of the design. The dial and hands are based on the Heritage Design
tachometer: one glance at the white hands, green digits, and scale markings is all it takes to
identify the decade that inspired the Chronograph 911 Sport Classic. For the first time, Porsche
Design is offering a range of different dials for the timepiece, all of which are in keeping with the main theme and design highlights of the new Porsche 911 Sport Classic. In addition to the
classic, matte black dial of the Heritage Design, drivers can choose either the iconic Sport
Classic stripes in Light Sport Grey or the 1960s-style Pepita pattern, which also makes an
appearance on the upholstery inside the vehicle. The embossed Porsche Design icon is made of gold to match the Porsche logo at the rear of the vehicle and the limited-edition badge inside it.
There is more gold-colored lettering on the running seconds dial, which reads ‘911 Sport
Classic Lim. Series.’ All these features are protected by sapphire crystal with hard coating and
sevenfold anti-glare properties to prevent disruptive reflections.


COSC-certified caliber – winding rotor designed to look like a wheel rim.

Inside the new watch there is the COSC-certified WERK 01.200 Porsche Design mechanical
chronograph caliber. The flyback function allows the wearer to start, stop and reset the seconds hand with a single action. The laser-engraved ‘Start/Stop’ and ‘Reset’ buttons highlight the functions of the timepiece. While in the sports car the wheels transfer the power from the engine to the road, this important task falls to the winding rotor on the chronograph. It winds up mechanically with every movement of the wrist. The design of the 360-degree winding rotor is based on the wheel options available for the 911 Sport Classic and includes a cover that looks like the vehicles center wheel lock and features the historic Porsche Crest. The two wristbands are provided with the watch – one in sophisticated black, one in elegant Classic Cognac – are inspired by the interior of the car: they are made of the same leather used for the upholstery of the limited-edition vehicle and are finished with an embossed ‘911.’ A quick-change system makes it easy to switch the leather straps without the need for any extra tools.


Always one step ahead: Porsche Design’s heritage

Creator and designer Professor F. A. Porsche is famous for saying “If we wanted something, we
had to do it ourselves.” And that is why this extraordinary timepiece is made by hand, and with
great attention to detail, at a very special location: the dedicated Porsche Design watch factory,
which was founded in 2014 in the Swiss town of Solothurn. This unique site brings together the best sports car and watch expertise to create a perfect symbiosis between the two disciplines
– combining the most sophisticated design standards with unbeatable performance and
craftsmanship. The resulting watches distil all the fascinating elements of the Porsche brand so
they can be enjoyed away from the road

The Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Sport Classic is available exclusively to owners of the
2023 Porsche 911 Sport Classic. It will be available for purchase either through Porsche
dealers or online at

Further information, film and photo material can be found in the Porsche Newsroom:


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