02-06-2020 Stuttgart/Munich

Porsche Design presents new men’s fragrance – Porsche Design 180 Blue

Some scents bring back memories. Others inspire new ones.

At the end of a successful workday there are plenty of ways to start off the evening. Visiting the opening of a gallery, dropping by the latest nightclub or spending a relaxed evening with friends? What’s important is that the fragrance perfectly matches your cosmopolitan after-work lifestyle. The new men’s fragrance Porsche Design 180 Blue is as diverse as your options: the composition of “Melozone” and a classic Fougère note gives the perfume a fresh elegance, relaxing and modern at the same time.

The history of Porsche Design Fragrances started in 2008 with The Essence. The cool and spicy essence, in a turquoise block-of-ice-bottle, quickly evolved into a new icon of men’s fragrances. It was soon followed by Porsche Design Sport, the fresh-masculine Titan, and the aromatic-spicy Palladium in 2015. In 2018, the scent Porsche Design 180 set a new milestone with an oriental Fougère note and unique fragrance bottle. In 2019, the line was extended by an aromatic-elegant scent: Porsche Design 180 Black, all black flacon and highly energetic.

In April 2020, the lifestyle brand proudly presents its latest creation – Porsche Design 180 Blue. A scent which translates the typical Fougère in a new and exciting fresh way. Casual but stylish.

The Vision
A new scent, airy and relaxing, but at the same time elegant and pure. The new radiant blue flacon convinces through its unique design, as well as through its performance and luxurious appearance.

The Fragrance
The traditional masculine Fougère note is once more the main inspiration for the new fragrance but this time interpreted in a surprisingly contemporary and pure way. Perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu explains what excites him about the new fragrance: “The modern freshness in the top note, different to other fragrances not derived from a citrus fruit, is from ‘Melozone’, a highly unique molecule with a novel aldehydic effect.” This reveals itself in breezy freshness: the airy top note is flanked by facets of cedar apple and black pepper – a perfect mise-en-scene! As an exciting contrast comes the aromatic-masculine core with lavender, nutmeg and muscatel sage. In the base note, cashmeran and vetiver merge into a dynamic and elegant woody foundation.

The Scent Profile
Head Note: Melozone, Cedar Apple, Black Pepper
Heart Note: Lavender, Muscatel Sage, Mutmeg
Base Note: Cashmeran, Vetiver

The Flacon
The cylindrical flacon convinces with its extraordinary design and functionality. Straight angles and harmonic curves make it a true designer piece. This extraordinary concept of haptic contrasts is underlined by combining cool metal with warm luster. The lightweight aluminum casing has a high-quality matte-metallic surface finish – now in a bright radiant blue. Pure, casual and hip – this is Porsche Design 180 Blue.

Once more, Porsche Design 180 Blue convinces through the surprising torque of the Porsche Design 180 family: moving the matte black base slowly to the left by 180 degrees, the spray head raises upwards automatically. One turn to the right, the nozzle moves back and the flacon is closed. A smart and functional way to perfectly merge innovative technology and a modern scent.

The Assortment

Eau de Toilette 100 ml
Eau de Toilette 50 ml

Shower Gel (Hair & Body) 200 ml

Porsche Design 180 Blue will be available as of April 2020 in the exclusive perfumery retail channel, in all Porsche Design Stores globally as well as online at


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