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Aiming at China High-end Market in 2018 Contract Signed by Panasonic Washing Machine and Studio F. A. Porsche in Germany

Local time September 4th, forenoon in Berlin, Panasonic AP Vice President, Kusumi Yuuki, General Manager Liu Jianguo of Panasonic Appliances Washing Machine (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., CEO of STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE and media from China and Germany witness the historic moment together, two top global brands, excellence in different fields, come together and breaking bountry and make this cooperation come true, the signing ceremony for strategic cooperation by and between Panasonic and STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE is held in Porsche Global Digital Laboratory as scheduled in Berlin of Germany.

To provide brand new aesthetics experience and high quality of washing machine for mid- and high-end consumers in China, declared by both sides in the conference, Panasonic and STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE will reach agreement on strategic cooperation in product design, brand partnership and joint promotion in the market, aiming at overall integration of top and branding resources of STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE, thus will give full play to the high level of product research, manufacturing capacity and China market influence of Panasonic Appliances Washing Machine (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd..

Open up trans-boundary new ideas by win-win co-operation

Panasonic and STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE make a trans-boundary attempt this time, which is the inevitable outcome for the innovation of brand marketing mode. Under the development trend of the industry, currently not only manufacturers are seeking for product upgrade, but also numerous companies in channels of commodity circulation and retail enterprises are welcoming to the challenge in the future market by the upgrade of operating mode, presenting lots of industrial reform in the field of China retail circulation, such as the upgrade of consumption, product service and sales modes and so on.

As Kusumi Yuuki says, Panasonic creates the commodities and lifestyle beyond customers’ longing after upgrades the technology development innovatively and the manufacture modeling essentially by the slogan “Aspire to more”. Solid value basis will be achieved for the longing commodities through the cooperation by and between both sides as STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE’s leading creativity in modeling and sensibility in designing while such cooperation is carried out under the fastest changing and the most acceptable market globally in China.

Showing great confidence and expectation for such cooperation, Roland Heiler, STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE’s CEO says, as a well-known home appliances brand in the world, Panasonic enjoys original public praise and influence about its washing machine, STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE will help Panasonic create the most beautiful products nowadays in the industry, aesthetics experience and quality feeling beyond Chinese consumers’ imagination by the integration of advantage resources in designing.

Aiming at high-end, for the most “aesthetic” washing machine

It is reported, starting by the washing machine, Panasonic and STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE will jointly design, research and develop the high-end washing machine for Chinese market. Both sides plan the premiere release for the brand new series in Chinese market in the first half year of 2018, which combines STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE’s high-end designing idea in Europe and Panasonic’s exquisite manufacturing technology in washing machine.

With the increase of income level and update of consumption concept, Liu Jianguo, General Manager of Panasonic Appliances Washing Machine (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. says, Chinese consumers’ demand on mid- and high-end washing machine is increasing, thus we shall accurately grasp users demand, constantly open up high-end market segment, and provide more professional, personalized and high-end washing solution by different and high quality product for our users. Aiming at the high-end market in China, Panasonic thereon confirms the cross-border cooperation program with STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE in washing machine.

As it were, enterprises’ capacity of “perceptual values” output should be one of brand core competitiveness in the future, for the universal praise, Panasonic not only wins by the essential function for “articles” in technology and quality, but also pursues “designing feeling”, “texture feeling”, “using feeling without any pressure”, “pleasant feeling during using” and more “perceptual values” in the future, however which are just the ones that concerned by customers increasingly and the demands that upgrading in the market nowadays.

For the washing machine hand in hand this time, Panasonic and STUDIO F.A.PORSCHE will comprehensively and intensively cooperate in product design, brand partnership and joint promotion in the market, bring about brand new image into the Chinese market for mutual benefits; both sides air their opinions commonly that this product will be the benchmark of high-end commodities in China while sales agencies will join in for the Chinese market.

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