Introducing Performance-Driven Style Icons of Tomorrow: P’8928 and P’8685

Introducing Performance-Driven Style Icons of Tomorrow: P’8928 and P’8685

Exclusive lifestyle brand Porsche Design is known for offering an extension of the Porsche lifestyle both on and off the road, and eyewear is one of the best embodiments of that philosophy. With the launch of the new 2020 sunglasses collection, Porsche Design is tapping into its rich brand heritage and reimagining one of its most legendary styles, originally designed by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1978. The result: the P’8928, the first square-shaped aviator shades with an interchangeable lens mechanism. But, it is not just about the past, another highlight of this season’s collection is the P’8685 Hexagon Gold Limited Edition: highly-engineered sunglasses infused with true sports car DNA and strictly limited to 500 models worldwide.

Ever since Porsche Design unveiled the brand’s inaugural sunglasses in 1978, the P’8478, the world’s first sunglasses with an interchangeable lens mechanism, the brand has stayed true to its iconic design philosophy to optimize function. Extraordinary design and quality materials without any frills or excessive ornamentation.  Applying the same vision and design process that led to the legendary Porsche 911, allowed F. A. Porsche to bring a new perspective to the eyewear segment that caught the eye of many – including true Porsche enthusiasts as well as notable celebrities.

Iconic: P’8928 – a design icon reborn

The P’8478 were the first glasses to offer an interchangeable lens mechanism that allowed the lenses to be easily changed based on lighting conditions – or personal taste. The P’8478 remains a true style icon recognized for both its well-thought out functionality and timeless design. Now, Porsche Design is building on that legacy and introducing the P’8928 – a modern, squared aviator reinterpretation of the classic with the same unique interchangeable lens mechanism. Revamped, yet unmistakably Porsche Design. Each pair comes with an additional set of colored interchangeable lenses, and new lens colors are introduced each season. Exclusively manufactured in Japan, using ultra-light and durable titanium, the frame makes the P’8928 extremely comfortable to wear.

Sports car DNA and high-tech precision – the P‘8685 Hexagon Gold Limited Edition

The limited edition P‘8685 Hexagon Gold sunglasses are a perfect fusion of Porsche Design philosophy and uncompromising engineering. Inspired by the engine block of a sports car, eight hexagonal screws hold the solid titanium front in place giving the glasses their unmistakable and bold look. Exclusive manufacturing underscores the precise construction with each frame being crafted individually by hand. Limited to only 500 pairs worldwide. Lightweight temples made of high-performance RXP® and polarized lenses ensure maximum comfort.

Fusion models – striking contrasts in shape, material, and surface

Also new are the Porsche Design Fusion models, featuring striking contrasts in shape, material and surface. High-performance plastic RXP® meets metal while polished and matte surfaces intersect giving them an edgy and futuristic design. The P’8366 squared aviator correction glasses and P’8690 sunglasses are the fusion highlights from this new collection.

Ultra-Light – purely the essentials

The Ultra-Light line features a design language that is reduced to the minimum – timeless, simple and elegant with a diligent focus on functionality. High quality titanium is used in the frames only where absolutely needed while the temples and front are characterized by clear lines and flowing style. With the frame weighing only five grams, they are the lightest and most minimal glasses designed by the brand.

After 42 years of iconic and forward thinking eyewear innovations, Porsche Design continues to tap into its heritage while keeping an eye on the future in order to engineer unique glasses that guarantee optimal performance and timeless style. The new collection is the next chapter in the brand’s eyewear story and the latest models remain true to the core principles while offering state-of-the-art eyewear features. Whether behind the wheel or on the go, Porsche Design glasses offer maximum quality, design and engineering that stand the test of time.

The new collection is available now at Porsche Design stores and online at

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